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    Course Components

    At your orientation to the Comunica method, you’ll meet our expert, native teachers and received the digital and physical materials  to ensure your learning journey runs smoothly.  Figure out the roadmap for your language-learning success!

    Your time is precious and we want to use it wisely – particularly your time in the classroom.  That’s why we’ve developed the following digital components to be completed on your own time.  You’ll use them to form a knowledge base, at your own pace, so you can come to your face-to-face sessions ready to start speaking!

    Meet the characters of ‘Buena Onda’, our delightfully-quirky original Spanish World telenovelaSee for yourself how narrative-driven lessons, with multi language subtitles, make language learning intuitive and entertaining!

    Aprende will cover the basics of grammar – a crucial aspect of any language, and one which is well-suited to self-study.  Start to learn it at home, then come to class with your questions prepared!

    Surf the menu in a matter of lessons with help from our original cartoons, postcards, scripts, tweets and other texts, all with accompanying audios designed to help you learn Spanish for the real world.

    In this component you’ll tackle games and quizzes to ensure the prior lessons have been absorbed, as well as learning about how you’re learning Spanish – where are your trouble spots, where can the teacher help, and what is coming more easily?  It’s all part of your custom Spanish journey.

    Dynamic face-to-face sessions with a conversational focus.  Let our native-speaking, officially-registered teachers help you navigate Spanish!

    Comunica Workshops are experiential sessions where we’ll bring you not just the sights and sounds of the Hispanic world but the tastes and smells, and the vibe!  Dive a little deeper into our diverse culture and understand what makes Spanish such a gratifying language to learn.  Topics include:


    Why Spanish?

    Why Spanish World?

    Spanish World is the only school in Hong Kong with accreditation from the Cervantes Institute, as well as a certified school under the Education Bureau.  It’s our mission to bring the rich and enticing world of Spanish to HK and that, through the language, our students connect with and be part of the Spanish speaking world.

    Over 15 years we have been perfecting the way we do this, and our Comunica method is the product of our efforts do constantly bring our students a richer Spanish experience.

    How far can I go with Comunica?

    There are a total of 6 levels, following the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

    • A1 & A2, beginner
    • B1 & B2, intermediate
    • C1 & C2, advanced

    Each level is then divided into sub-levels, which we call modules. With Comunica, each module is named after a Hispanic city.  You will start your journey at MADRID (A1.1) and finish it in BUENOS AIRES (C2.7).

    What are the payment terms?

    For greater savings students are invited to pay for their complete module, though monthly installments are also accepted.  Get in touch to ask about promotions and discounts.

    Tuition can be paid:

    1. Pay Online [CLICK HERE] and enter in your tuition amount

    1. Cheques should be made payable to Spanish World HK Ltd, and please send to “Room 404, 4/F, Lap Fai Building, 6 – 8 Pottinger Street, Central, HK” ;2. Bank Transfer to:
    Bank: HSBC
    Account Name: Spanish World HK Ltd.
    Account No.: 178-759163-838
    Swift Code: HSBCHKHHHKH
    HSBC Bank Code: 004
    HSBC Branch Code: 178Please send the copy of your deposit slip for Spanish World HK reference, fax: 3105 2231; email: admin@spanishworldgroup.com

    3. Cash Payment during office hours:
    Monday – Friday:
     9:30am – 6:30pm
    Saturday: 9:00am – 6:00pm,
    Sunday: 9:00am -6:00pm

    How long does it take to complete a module/level?

    It is entirely up to you! With Comunica, you can decide which learning pace is best for you. We propose a standard pace of 11 weeks per module but you have complete flexibility to decide if you want to learn faster or slower!

    How much digital work and how much on-site learning is there?

    Each lesson has self-paced digital components & quizzes and onsite classes &workshops. Both elements are completely intertwined and complement each other. Approximately 35% of your total learning time will be done digitally and 65% onsite.

    What if I miss a class?

    Do not worry. With Comunica, you will have multiple options and times available to register for every class. Once you are ready and want to attend your next class, you can look for available slots and register for the one most convenient to you!

    Will I really learn Spanish?

    Absolutely. This is our promise to you: you will learn, and moreover, you will enjoy your learning!

    Do I get a certificate acknowledging my Spanish level?

    Yes. You will receive a Spanish World certificate at the end of each module, and that certificate will carry the logo of the Cervantes Institute, a worldwide-recognized institution.  In addition, after finishing a complete level, you’ll be prepared to take the Cervantes Institute exam to receive a non-expiring official certification of your Spanish competence.

    [Click here to learn more about our accreditation from the Cervantes Institute]

    [Click here to learn more about the official DELE exams.]

    What do our students say?

    Olivia Ing

    I have studied many languages and this is the first time I am part of a teaching method so sophisticated, diverse and engaging as Comunica…Online content allows you to practice all the skills of the language as many times as you want. I am a screen writer myself and the sitcom they have produced “Buena Onda” is of the highest quality.

    Khairul Jaffar

    I feel that I am overall having the best experience at Spanish World and learning so much. There is nothing I don´t like about it, the teachers, the classmates, the app, the flexibility, the quizzes and all the practice content, the videos, everything fits perfectly. I can also see my progression over the space of 2 months and I am thankful for the customer service I get from everyone.

    Audrey Chew

    It is a very refreshing way to study a language and I am very motivated to continue doing it, as I am definitely learning a lot. My only concern is the side of the font for the handbook or cuaderno de viaje, but the content in it, as well as the digital platform, is excellent.

    Apple Cheung

    My Spanish has improved rapidly after taking classes at Spanish World for just over a year. It gave me confidence to speak Spanish with native speakers!