Master Degree in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from University of Zaragoza
-DELE examiner for every level
-Spanish taught in 5 different countries

María is one of our Spanish Teacher. She is coming from Zaragoza where she studied her Degree in French Language and Literature as well as her Master Degree in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. She is also an official examiner of DELE exams for every level. She has been a Spanish teacher for nine years. She is a passionate professional who loves her job, and to work in a multicultural context. She specially likes teaching Spanish Culture and playing games with students to make the lesson more enjoyable and having fun while leaning.  

In her own words:

I am María, Online Spanish Teacher for Spanish World. I grew up in Zaragoza, but I had been living in 6 different countries since 2011. When, in 2013, I had the opportunity to teach my language and culture to students of a High School in Reunion Island (France), I discovered that being a Spanish teacher was one of my passions. And this is what I’ve been doing for the last 9 years. Nowadays I’m living and working in Indonesia, where I’m having the amazing opportunity to travel around and teach Spanish to people all around the world.”


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