-Degree in Spanish Philology (Spanish Language and Spanish Literature)

-Master Degree in Spanish Literature

-Certified DELE examiner for every level and a SIELE exam preparer

In her own words:

“I’m Bárbara. I was born and rise in Andalusia until I moved abroad at the age of 17 and since then, I have lived in Italia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, United States and Moldova. Since young I knew I wanted to teach Spanish and Spanish Literature and from my experience abroad, I decided that I wanted to help others to be able to communicate and to teach them the richness and the importance of the Hispanic culture and how it models the Spanish language.

I love to keep myself updated so I constantly am studying new ways of improving myself. I’ve been teaching Spanish since 2010 at different educational institutions as schools and universities such as the University of Delaware (US) and the University of Moldova (Moldova). I’ve done also conferences about Spanish Literature and workshops about Hispanic culture.”