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    Develop Your Skills for Unpredictable Times
    The current historical moment has called into question our ideas about the future: what it holds, what our lives will look like, and how to best prepare for the coming years. After these huge shifts in society have occurred, what will be the demand for our current skill-sets?  And how can we best use our [...]
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    Teaching Spanish to Future Diplomats
    Spanish World teaches Spanish to the future diplomats of Malaysia Spanish is becoming a prominent language in Malaysia and the rest of the Asian continent and proof of that is that Spanish is part of the curriculum of the course in diplomacy that future Malaysians diplomats need to complete before being sent to Malaysia’s Diplomatic [...]
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    Heavy Tennis Racquets – A Note from our C.E.O.

    I learnt the different weights of racquets and the impact they would have in your game as a kid. The obvious premise is that the heavier a racquet is, the more power it can produce – but it also takes more strength to swing it.

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