Spanish For Travel Course

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About the ‘Spanish for Travellers’ Course

Ever wanted to take a trip to Spain or South America?

  • To behold Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia cathedral?
  • Maybe fly above the mysterious Nazca Lines of Peru?
  • How about ordering a jamón ibérico platter at the Casa González in Madrid?

So many rich experiencias await in the Spanish-speaking countries… If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting, then do yourself a favor and start learning Spanish today!

JUST A BIT of español will enrich your understanding and appreciation of Hispanic culture, and will open doors that, for other tourists, remain firmly shut.

Our brand new self-paced Spanish for Travellers course contains:

✅ Explanatory and story-based videos by our amazing teachers

✅ Over 100 unique quizzes and exercises to track your progress

✅ Audio flashcards and passages to fine-tune your comprehension

✅ Level-appropriate texts to boost your vocabulary

All with a focus on giving you the BASIC SPANISH to wander with confidence through the mercados, ruinas, azoteas, and playas of the Spanish-speaking world…

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