How Did Arabic Influence the Spanish Language?

The modern Spanish is a marvellous result of different languages that have been conquering during years the land of our current Spain. Latin is the most essential language that has influenced in the Spanish language the same way that other Romance languages since during a lot of years this language was the only spoken one in the Iberic Peninsula during the Roman Empire; but we can leave on a side the influence that Middle East has had in our culture therefore in our grammar, phonology and specially lexical, this has made a special language and different from the others romance languages.

Arabs didn´t have a lot of problems in their conquer since Latin was very deteriorated, however, the Arab civilization was very powerful, and this made easier the power over agriculture, economy and religion. Latin didn´t disappear in the Peninsula but it was when the bilingualism started, and the Christian population started to be arabized and starting to be called Mozarab. They arrived with a richer culture than the one there was in Europe, they introduced new words that didn´t exist in THE Middle age.

The convivence between cultures had as a result the words hereby and grammar rules although there were areas in Spain were not colonized and kept their languages.

Most of the Spanish words that come from Arab are related to topics like agriculture, science, architecture, business and administration such as:


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