Q# What’s so special about the Cervantes Quality Seal?

A# The Cervantes Institute, an international non-profit organization, is the most important authority on teaching the Spanish language. It’s the equivalent of the British Council, or the Alliance Française, regarding the standardisation of language-teaching. Being the only school in Hong Kong with certification from the Cervantes Institute, we are internationally recognised for our superior achievements and status in Spanish language and culture education.

Q# Why does Spanish World put so much effort into obtaining the Cervantes Quality Seal every two years?

A# We choose to regularly renew our Cervantes Institute accreditation, not just to challenge ourselves to meet the highest standards, but also because it distinguishes the certificates we give to our students, betowing international credibility and prestige, and enhancing their study and career prospects.

Q# Is it difficult to become certified?

A# Yes! Spanish World has gone through a series of detailed assessments and procedures regarding academic curriculum content, teacher qualification, facilities and equipment, school administration, information management, and advertising practices. Every standard must be fulfilled, and built upon, in order to continually receive this prestigious certification.

Q# What is the benefit of being a Cervantes Certification holder?

A# The Cervantes Institute is the most important authority pertaining to the teaching of the Spanish language and Hispanic Culture. Local people might not be familiar, but if you go to Europe or the United States for study or work, certification by the Cervantes Institute is extremely important!

Q# You charge more than some other Spanish learning centers – is it because of this Cervantes Quality Seal?

We only hire highly-qualified teachers who meet the requirements of the Cervantes Institute. This, along with costs associated with maintaining the different requirements, does mean we charge higher tuition fees than some other schools, and our quality is reflected in that higher price.

Q# I’ve seen certificates issued by other schools carrying the Cervantes Institute logo – but isn’t Spanish World the only Spanish school certified by Cervantes Institute?

#A These certificates are actually the DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) Exam Certificates, which are issued by the Cervantes Institute – they are not the course completion certificates. In Hong Kong, our Spanish courses are the only ones certified by the Cervantes Institute.



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