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Learn Spanish with Netflix

La casa de papel

Why is Money Heist such a good series to watch to learn Spanish?  For one, it’s a super-gripping tale full of tension and unpredictable twists, which will motivate you to keep following along and learning Spanish through the series.  You’ll also start to hate and love certain characters, and these strong emotions will help anchor the meanings of the Spanish you hear.  Do you remember any of these lines?

5 Beautiful lines from La casa de papel to practice your Spanish

    • Sólo vemos las consecuencias cuando están delante de nuestras narices.  –Tokio
  • We only see the consequences once they’re right under our noses.
    • A- ki -do : utilizar a tu favor la fuerza de tu enemigo.  -El Profesor
  • A – ki – do: using the enemy’s force to your advantage.
    •  Para amar, se necesita coraje.   -Nairobi
  • To love, you need courage.
    • Todos vamos a morir.  Por eso brindo.  Porque estamos vivos.  Por la vida.  -Berlin
  • We’re all going to die, And I toast to that… Because we’re alive.
    • Es importante la ética, Nairobi.  Pero tambien, la estética.  -Berlin
  • Ethics are important, Nairobi, but so are esthetics.


The show also features Spanish speakers from different parts of Spain and the globe (remember Spanish is the official language of 21 countries) so you’ll get to hear different accents as you spend more time with the characters, for example:

-Moscow and Gandia have Andalusian accents

Palermo speaks with an Argentinian accent

-Denver has a Murcia accent.

-Eastern Europeans Helsinki and Marsella have foreign accents, which would make sense as they wouldn’t have grown up in purely Spanish speaking households, but they are easily understood by the other members of the team.  Remember that learning Spanish is one of the easiest pursuits of all the languages out there!

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-Tips to Improve your Spanish through Netflix shows

-Other great Netlix shows in Spanish

Tips to improve your Spanish with TV shows

  • Start watching series with subtitles in your own language
  • When you feel comfortable change it and put the subtitles in Spanish
  • Write down in a notebook words or expressions that you don’t know
  • When you finish an episode make a summary in Spanish of what you have seen 
  • Review your notes before watching a new episode to remember how the last episode ended
  • Remove the subtitles and write what you hear. Put the subtitles and compare!

Other Netlix Shows in Spanish

Choose series and movies in original version (Spanish-speaking) and in addition to entertaining yourself, you will be learning and improving your level of Spanish. It is normal that at first you do not understand everything, but the visual context will help you. You will become familiar with the plot and the characters. 

Learn Spanish and/or improve your language level with these Spanish-Speaking series:


  • La casa de papel (Spain): An organized gang of thieves aims to commit the heist of the century at the National Mint and Stamps. Five months of preparation will be reduced to eleven days to successfully carry out the great coup.
  • Toy Boy (Spain): Hugo Beltrán is a young, handsome and carefree stripper who wakes up one morning in a sailboat, after a night of partying, next to the burned corpse of a man. He is the husband of Macarena Medina, her lover, a mature and influential woman.
  • Siempre bruja (Colombia): In the 17th century, a witch is going to be burned at the stake. However, he escapes death by traveling through time and appears in the Cartagena of the XXI century. Although happy for having saved life, adapting to this new reality will not be easy.
  • Elite (Spain): Las Encinas is the most exclusive school in Spain, the place where the children of the elite study and where three lower-class young people have just been admitted, from a ruined public school.
  • La casa de las flores (Mexico): An apparently successful family florist is full of dysfunctional secrets that will be revealed and will shake the foundations of the family.
  • La reina del flow (Colombia): Yeimy Montoya pays an unfair sentence in New York after being deceived by the man she loved. Therefore, he makes a pact with the judicial authorities to capture the man who murdered his family.


  • Narcos (Colombia): Series that narrates the rise and fall of drug trafficker Pablo Escobar, trying to focus the narration in an even way from the point of view of Escobar himself and the DEA agents who fought to catch him.
  • El vecino (Spain): José Ramón lives a common life, but everything changes when he discovers that his neighbor Javier, the charming journalist, is actually the famous superhero Titan. However, the powers do not make Javier a good person and he does not want responsibilities.
  • Edha (Argentina): The life of a young and successful fashion designer and single mother who is at a crossroads. While trying to decide something that will take a new level in the fashion world, she meets an attractive immigrant-turned-model.
  • Las chicas del cable  (Spain): Just before the crash of 1929, the first national telephone company was opened in Madrid. Many women hope to get a job there that not only represented an occupation but progress and modernity at that time.


Choose the series you like the most and enjoy!

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