Our professional Spanish teachers are dedicated to helping students overcome language hurdles and express themselves.  Meet our expert, native, awesome team:

Chief Technology Officer Spanish World Singapore Carolina Rojo

Carolina Rojo – Chief Learning Officer

Carolina holds a Master’s in Applied Linguistics for teaching Spanish as a foreign language. She has been teaching in Asia for 10 years, in language schools, international schools, universities and corporates. She has ample experience creating academic programs, training teachers, and organizing the official DELE examinations.  Read More…

picture of an Online spanish tutor Spanish World Singapore, Pilar


  • Over 4,000 hours of Spanish taught 
  • DELE examiner for Escolar levels
  • Spanish teacher in 4 countries

“My name is Pilar, Spanish teacher and Primary Education teacher. I am from the capital of Spain, my beloved Madrid. I have always grown up surrounded by a multicultural environment, as well as belonging to a family that loves to travel. I have been living and teaching Spanish in four different countries: Spain, Ireland, Poland and now Singapore. This allowed me to know and
get close to all the multicultural diversity while enjoying my passion for teaching.”

profile picture of spanish world singapore online spanish teacher Norma


  • Spanish Teacher and Psychologist
  • Over 1000 hours of Spanish taught
  • Experience teaching all ages and levels

“Interaction and communication with people have always been the drive behind my passion. My experience as a psychologist helped me immensely in the worthy task of teaching and transmitting
my language and culture. Spanish World Singapore has given me the opportunity to grow and develop in the field of teaching Spanish which I fully enjoy.”

online spanish teacher spanish world singapore profile picture Maru


  • Masters in Training of Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language, B2/C2 Level
  • Spanish Teacher for the past 39 years (Schools, Teens, Private Classes, Group Classes, Universities, and Corporate Clients)

Maru has been teaching for the past 39 years with different schools in Spain. She has a certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and she has a Masters in Training Teachers to be Spanish Teachers. She was an assistant director of a school in Barcelona, Academy Santa Claus.

She is a very dedicated teacher with immense knowledge in conducting classes and preparing materials for the classes too. She is very dedicated in her work and is always determined to ensure her students progress according to her teaching plans.

teacher profile picture spanish tutor singapore Barbara


  • Degree in Spanish Philology (Spanish Language and Spanish Literature)
  • Master Degree in Spanish Literature
  • Certified DELE examiner for every level and a SIELE exam preparer

“I’m Bárbara. I was born and rise in Andalusia until I moved abroad at the age of 17 and since then, I have lived in Italia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, United States and Moldova. Since young I knew I wanted to teach Spanish and Spanish Literature and from my experience abroad, I decided that I wanted to help others to be able to communicate and to teach them the richness and the importance of the Hispanic culture and how it models the Spanish language.”

spanish world singapore teacher profile photo Ana


  • Master in Teaching Spanish as A Foreign Language, from the University of Barcelona
  • Bachelor Degree in Anthropology, from the University of Seville
  • Bachelor Degree in Journalism, from the University of Seville
  • Erasmus Scholarship, History & Area Department from Aarhus University

Learner centered, and motivational teaching professional genuinely interested on getting the best out of the students. Actively involved in second language teaching, IT literacy and soft skills training as well as in all areas of the educative process. Combines a strong passion for languages with an ability to create a fun and engaging learning environment.

Fernando online spanish tutor singapore spanish world profile picture


  • Masters Degree in Teaching Foreign Language and Literature
  • Over 3,000 hours of Spanish taught
  • DELE examiner, A1-C2

I am Fernando, Spanish teacher at World Singapore. I grew up in Alcalá de Henares, the Quijote’s city. I grow up with and environment surround by teachers, my parents, my grandparents… the whole family actually. That gave me the opportunity to understand is the better way to be in contact with the mind always open to continue learning. I am lucky to have had the chance to live in different countries doing my passion. Spanish World gave me the opportunity to continue with it so this time I am not going physically to Asia but my soul will be travelling each time I contact with the students.

profile picture of singapore professional spanish online tutor Ana


  • Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at the University of Salamanca
  • Over 2,500 hours of Spanish taught
  • DELE marker for every level of written test

“I was born in a small town near Valencia (Spain), I’ve always known that I wanted to teach Spanish and that is why in 2011 I started the degree in Hispanic Studies: Spanish language and its literatures. A few years later, in 2013 I went on Erasmus to Krakow (Poland) and there I discovered that I wanted to specialize in teaching Spanish to foreigners. When I finished my undergraduate studies, I decided to specialize and enrolled in the Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at the University of Salamanca.”

learn spanish singapore online tutor cervantes institute center Irene


  • M.A. in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language
  • DELE and SIELE examiner
  • Comfortable teaching all levels of Spanish

“I grew up in Sevilla where I had a great opportunity to open my mind to new perspectives thanks to the multicultural atmosphere of the city.  I lived in Portugal for a year and I started teaching Spanish in different schoolst here.  It was then that I knew that my vocation was to teach Spanish and I started training in th eteaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language.  I worked with students of different nationalities and cultures.  Spanish World gave me the opportunity to teach our language and culture and to discover the world.”

cervantes institute singapore language school spanish tutor profile Sarah


  • Bachelors in Primary Education, Public University de Navarra, Spain
  • First Certificate in English (FCE)
  • EBC International TEFL Certificate and International Certificate in TESOL
  • QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)
  • Award in Examiners DELE Levels A1/A2

Sarah is an experienced, enthusiastic, focused and passionate teacher who is committed to guiding students to be motivated and interested about learning. She can establish a good relationship with everybody because of her open mindedness and her friendly personality. She is someone who is not put off by others telling her who she should be, and this is a belief that she teachers to her students. She is very passionate about positive change, innovation and new challenges at work, because these are all the things that helps her to improve and grow as a person.

language tutor singapore spanish world teacher profile Pablo


  • Master’s Degree in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University of Extremadura
  • Over 2,000 hours of Spanish taught
  • DELE examiner for every level

“I am Pablo, A Spanish teacher at Spanish World. I grew up in Badajoz and then moved to live in different cities and visited numerous countries. I had the opportunity to learn different languages and learn and appreciate diverse cultures. Thanks to these experiences, I was able to grow as a Spanish teacher and develop an intercultural conscience that allows me to adapt to my students. I love teaching and learning from my students, and this is one of the things that passionates me the most about my job. Spanish World gave me the opportunity to continue developing my passion: teach our language and culture to more students and discover the diverse cultures of each and every one of them.”

spanish world professional online tutor profile Carolina Moreno


  • Master’s Degree in Literary Studies
  • DELE examiner for A1-A1 and B1-B2
  • SIELE trainer

I am Carolina, a Spanish teacher at Spanish World.  I grew up and live in Madrid.  My vocation always has been teaching Spanish, because in this way I can share my language and culture and  also be in touch with others in the Spanish world.”



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