Want to make the most of the quarantine? Learn Spanish!

Circuit Breaker is one of the most effective ways each of us can contribute to fighting coronavirus. Governments around the world are increasingly making it mandatory to remain in shelter, declaring various periods of quarantine to help slow the spread of the virus. 

While confined at home, finding ways to make the most productive use of our time remains a challenge. Some people are binge-watching Netflix, some people are turning to cooking, others are devouring books… and, increasingly, many are using their time to learn and train a new skill.  

With time on your hands and the ability to access ever-more advanced educational resources online, why not take the opportunity to enrich yourself with new interests? The great development of Education Technology (ed-tech) in recent years has brought about an education revolution, generating an escalating offer of sophisticated tools, platforms, content and communities of learning for all of us to take hold of.

At Spanish World, we too are adding our expertise to this trend. Through our digital channels, our students are discovering the power of learning with these new technology tools. Our online, face-to-face classes, always guided by our expert teachers, are proving to be as dynamic and engaging as ever, with students and teachers enjoying lively conversation, exploring culture, music and tradition in Spanish. Our alumnos get to connect with their fellow classmates, practice their Spanish, discuss and debate issues of their interest and continue to learn from their native Spanish teachers. 

We are proving that learning Spanish online, from the safety of your homes during the quarantine, is one of the best ways to use your time. Join Spanish World now and enjoy our special quarantine discount! Become part of our family, connect with others from your home, discover the amazing Latin heritage and engage with a Spanish community of more than 500 million people!

¡Te esperamos!

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