Spanish for Kids and Teens: Summer Programs

Spanish, whether as a second, third, or fourth language, is an extremely practical and user-friendly pursuit for kids.  Our certificate courses will give your child a unique communicative edge and access to a rich global culture.  Our Summer 2022 program will be fully face to face for maximum interaction and practice, to get your child understanding and speaking quickly!  See our programs by age group:

New Baby Playgroups (Ages 1.5 – 3)

baby playgroup

New Playgroups (Ages 3 – 5)


New Kids’ Courses (Ages 6 – 7)


New Kids’ Courses (Ages 8 – 9)


New Teens’ Courses (Ages  10 – 12)


New Teens’ Courses (Ages  13 – 16)


Interested in Regular, Year-long classes?  Please have a look at our programs by level:


-Spanish Playgroup (Ages 3-5)


-Spanish for Kids (Ages 6-9)


-Spanish for Teens (Ages 10-16)


If your child already speaks some Spanish, and you’d like them to join one of our ongoing groups, please get in touch to arrange a Placement Test.

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