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Learn Spanish at the Súper Tazón

“The Most Latin Super Bowl of All Time” Last week we were treated to a spectacle at the Super Bowl, the championship game of the professional “gridiron” football league in the USA.  But the Súper Tazón encompasses more than just the 60 minutes the players spend brutalizing each other.  The much-anticipated, extremely expensive commercials make […]

How did Valentine’s Day come to Spain?
How did Valentine's Day come to Spain? This Anglo-Saxon custom did not set foot on Spanish soil until 1948, when José "Pepín" Fernández, founder of the Preciados Galleries, introduced the exchange of flowers, chocolates or gifts between lovers. Galerías Preciados is a well-known department store of Spanish origin; the company was founded in 1943 and [...]
Spanish the Musical Way
Learning Spanish language is learning culture! Learn Spanish with music! Would you like to better understand Hispanic culture?  Do you enjoy listening to music?  Would you like to combine these two desires? If so, then you are in luck!  In this new blog post we'll give you some tips to  improve your Spanish comprehension.  Think [...]
Learn Spanish in Mallorca with Cecilie!

Our friend Cecilie Gamst Berg brings a little bit of Hong Kong to her new home in Mallorca, Spain.  Join Cecilie as she progresses through the Spanish language while sinking into the Mallorcan culture!

10 Writing Mistakes you Might be Making in Spanish

Those of us who share a love for languages, either Spanish or any other, we know that there are always difficulties when we are learning a new one. One of those discuss is related to written expression, which is what we are going to treat this time in our blog.

El Auge de la Cinema
El Auge de la Cinema August 31, 2019 Posted by: SPWG Category: Translations , No Comments El Auge del cine en español El cine en español vuelve a estar en boca de todos. Una vez más es gracias al director mexicano Alfonso Cuarón y su cautivadora cinta Roma. Por el momento, acumula 132 premios y [...]

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