Spanish Classes For Teens

Spanish, whether as a second, third, or fourth language, is an extremely practical and user-friendly pursuit for kids.  Our certificate courses will give your child a unique communicative edge and access to a rich global culture.

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Tuition fee:

HK$435/1.5 hr session– collected on a monthly basis

Materials Fee:

HK$300-400 (please see textbook pricing below)

Class size:


About this program

10–12 year old students: Following our IGCSE Teen program (L program), students advance in Spanish from a younger age and can if desired, prepare for IGCSE examinations upon course completion. It is not compulsory but advisable. We use a teaching methodology adapted for younger adolescents. This course is also suitable for students who are preparing to study abroad.


*Upon completing L1 to L3 courses, those students preparing for exam need to take an IGCSE Preparation Course covering key examinations skills and past exam papers to ensure optimal performance.

Students that decide to skip IGCSE examination would take a bridge course to continue with a more advanced level Spanish learning from 14 years old onwards.

Exam and Student Attendance Please refer to our Student Support page for more details.


Required Materials

10-12 year old students:

Mira 1 Pupil Book & Exercise Book – $350

Mira 2 Pupil Book & Exercise Book – $350

Listos 3 Rojo Pupil Book & Exercise Book – $360

*The prices mentioned only apply to Spanish World Hong Kong students.

Spanish for Teens (Ages 13-16)

spanish-teens- class-ages-13-16-spanish-world

Materials Fee:

HK$300-400 depending on level

Class size:



We prepare this group of students with our Teen Program (T program) using a teaching methodology geared towards older adolescents. This course is suitable for students who are not planning for sitting IGCSE examinations and would like to consider taking Spanish exams later.

Course content is based on IB, DSE & DELE examination programs. 

This program prepares you for the following exam/s:

  • IB Spanish – International Baccalaureate
  • HKDSE Spanish: AS Level Exam
  • DELE – Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language

Program Hours by Level:

T.A1: A1 level – 4 courses, each course is 18 hours. Material: Club Prisma A1 HK$300 (Reporteros 1 $400)

T.A2: A2 level – 5 courses, each course is 24 hours. Material: Club Prisma A2 HK$300 (Reporteros 2 $400)

T.B1: B1 level – 6 courses, each course is 24 hours. Material: Gente Joven 3 and 4 HK$400

Official Exams: *Upon completing the courses, students wanting to take an official exam need to take a DELE (A1,A2, B1) or IB Preparation Course to go through the examinations skills and past exam papers in order to be well-prepared for the exam.

Students that decide to skip DELE or other examinations would take a bridge course to continue with a more advanced level Spanish learning suitable to their level.

Required Materials

Club Prisma Nivel A1 – Libro de alumno + CD, Libro de ejercicios – $300

Club Prisma Nivel A2 – Libro de alumno + CD, Libro de ejercicios – $300

Gente Joven 3 – Libro de alumno + CD, Libro de ejercicios – $400

Gente Joven 4 – Libro de alumno + CD, Libro de ejercicios – $400

*The prices mentioned only apply to Spanish World Hong Kong students.


Why Spanish?

Why Spanish World?

Spanish World is the only school in Hong Kong with accreditation from the Cervantes Institute, as well as a certified school under the Education Bureau.  It’s our mission to bring the rich and enticing world of Spanish to HK and that, through the language, our students connect with and be part of the Spanish speaking world.

Over 15 years we have been perfecting the way we do this, and our Comunica method is the product of our efforts do constantly bring our students a richer Spanish experience.

Will my child's teacher be a native speaker?

Yes, all of our teachers for Spanish for Playgroup are native speakers and trained professionals with experience teaching young Hong Kong students.

What are the payment terms?

Tuition for this program is collected on a monthly basis.

Payment Methods

1. Cheques should be made payable to Spanish World HK Ltd, and please send to “Room 404, 4/F, Lap Fai Building, 6 – 8 Pottinger Street, Central, HK” ;

2. Bank Transfer to:
Bank: HSBC
Account Name: Spanish World HK Ltd.
Account No.: 178-759163-838
HSBC Bank Code: 004
HSBC Branch Code: 178

Please send the copy of your deposit slip for Spanish World HK reference, fax: 3105 2231; email:

3. Cash Payment during office hours:
Monday – Friday:
 9:30am – 6:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 6:00pm,
Sunday: 9:00am -6:00pm

Only FULL payment of the course fee is accepted. Payment is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Upon receiving the tuition fee, receipt will be issued either via email or printed and given in person to the student within 1 month. However, if the course is not confirmed, the receipt will not be issued to students. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm that such a payment is received.

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