Our Dedicated Instructors

Our teachers come from all over the Spanish-speaking world, and are united by the common goal of bringing their language and culture to Hong Kong.  They are at the core of the Spanish World experience, and you can learn more about their stories below.

Billy – Managing Director

It is my professional and personal mission to bring the cultures of the Spanish speaking countries closer to Hong Kong.


A true lover of Language, Carlos has worked previously as a lexicographer at the Real Academia Española (RAE), writing definitions and summarizing their semantic and formal evolution for the Nuevo Diccionario Histórico del Español (New Historical Dictionary of the Spanish Language). After studying Linguistics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, he received his Master's Degree [...]

Cristina – Academic Coordinator

About Christina: Responsible for steering our curriculum, and serving as chief adviser to our teachers, Cristina is our highly experienced and ever-enthusiastic Academic Coordinator.   She has over a decade of experience teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, and knows the standards of the Instituto Cervantes inside and out, having taught at Centers in Istanbul and [...]


Erick is an experienced Spanish instructor with dual passions for language and music.  His energetic but commanding style allows him to provide fun but structured lessons to students of all ages.  A native of Mexico, and a graduate of Universidad de Morelia, Erick has been teaching Spanish in Hong Kong for seven years, and has [...]


About Eva Eva is a bright presence in the classroom and an enthusiastic motivator for learners of all ages.  A dedicated Spanish teacher, her profession has brought her to schools in China, Taiwan, and now to Spanish World Hong Kong.  Eva is a specialist in guiding students and maximizing learning opportunities in diverse classrooms.  Having [...]


Ignacio is a dedicated Spanish teacher with experience at school, academy, and University levels.  A native of Madrid, Spain, he obtained degrees in various Linguistic disciplines from La Salle University and SUNY Stony Brook in New York, before pursuing a Masters in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from Nebrija University in Spain. Prior to [...]


Un mensaje de Jorge: "Hello to everybody, my name is Jorge Luis Arceo Martinez and I’m a solid Spanish teacher with over 20 years experience in Hong Kong teaching children, teenagers and adults. From one to one and any kind of group classes, I’m experienced of teaching A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, IGCSE, GCSE, AS and [...]


About Karla: Karla is an enthusiastic and firm believer of the positive impact that significant learning has in an environment full of motivation.  She pursued her Bachelor's degree in Pedagogy from Universidad Tecnológica de México UNITEC, México, after which she certified in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) in Madrid. Her passion for teaching, [...]

Ling Ling Chen

Ling Ling is a Spanish national, born and raised in Alicante, Spain.  Apart from her certification as a Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language, she holds two Master's Degrees, one in Intercultural Studies from the University of Alicante, and another in Contemporary China and Japan Studies from Universitat Oberta of Catalunya. In her past [...]

María Luisa – Kids Coordinator

María Luisa Our Kids Coordinator hails from Puebla, Mexico, where she received a B.A. in Modern Languages from the University of Puebla, before acting as the Coordinator for Spanish classes at Puebla's Latinoamericana School.  Following this, she brought her skill-set to an international setting, acting again as a Coordinator at the Instituto Hispania  in Bangalore, [...]


About Nacho: A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nacho has a degree in Linguistics from the University of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, and a Masters in Applied Linguistics for Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) from the Universidad de Nebrija in Madrid.  A kind and patient teacher, Nacho can lead kids' groups as [...]


Paula is our teacher of many talents from Valladolid, Spain.  A trained robotics instructor, as well as a Spanish-language expert, Paula brings a positive and enthusiastic disposition to her classes, making pupils feel at ease and interested.  After earning her degree in Primary School Teaching from the Universidad de Valladolid, she embarked on her international [...]


About Sandy: Sandy is a local expert in Spanish language, a graduate of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Hong Kong with a major in Spanish and European Studies with First Class Honours. After college, she lived in Spain for three years, completing a Master's degree in the Translation department of the Autonomous [...]

Juan – CEO

About Juan: Double Degree in Law and Business Administration, Universidad Complutense de Madrid Master in Leadership and Human Resources, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria Master of Business Administration, INSEAD Singapore Juan is the CEO of Spanish World Group, Spanish Language Services company, with campuses in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong and over 2000 weekly students. [...]

A Note from our C.E.O.: Heavy Tennis Racquets

I learnt the different weights of racquets and the impact they would have in your game as a kid. The obvious premise is that the heavier a racquet is, the more power it can produce – but it also takes more strength to swing it.

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Con la situación que tenemos en la actualidad debido al coronavirus y pasando tanto tiempo en casa, es normal que nuestra imaginación vuele y estemos planeando dónde viajar y qué lugares visitar cuando todo esto termine. Es por ello que hoy os invitamos a conocer Bizkaia, una provincia que pertenece a la región del País [...]

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¿Por qué el éxito de Parasite nos beneficia a todos? Por si aún queda algún despistado que no ha oído hablar de Parasite o no conoce el éxito que ha cosechado, se trata de una película surcoreana que ha sido reconocida internacionalmente de mil y una formas, entre ellas con 4 Oscars. La cinta del [...]

The Arabic Influence on Spanish

Did you know that the Iberian peninsula was a part of the Islamic world for centuries? Plenty of time for deep connections to be forged between the cultures and languages. Read this blog to find out how the Arabic language influenced Spanish.